Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetic Mood

The Night We Danced

The Soul Train theme song blast through the massive speakers as
Afros, Locs and Mohawks shake in harmony to lovely people as they move to spiritual musical vibrations
A man wearing a bandana wipes the sweat from his brow with a white towel hanging around his neck as he drinks from his water bottle
Another man is dancing as his hands are stretched out; looking peaceful and graceful, he waves towards the sky then bows with his arms held back;
He stands upright and his body begins to sway to the different rhythms as the music pumps through his soul
Another male glides in smooth circles like he’s Fred Astrre on the dance floor
Another man is shaking a tambourine as he jumps up and down to the beat as if he’s shouting in a holiness church to the rhythm of the drums
Three young girls dance on a nearby picnic table
A father dances with his young daughter on his shoulders
A family of four dances together
A baby boy dances in mother’s arms
A lady holds the bottom of her sundress as her hips sway from side to side and she rocks to the popular groove song
A couple tightly hugs as the lady whispers something in her lover’s ear; he cries; she comforts him giving him what he needs to go forward in life
A group of high energy ladies cheer each other on as they dance on the picnic table
The one with muscular legs stomps to the rhythm as sweat pours from her face
A beach ball is being thrown throughout the happy crowd proving love is in the air
A teenage male shows little excitement as he barely moves, yet he smiles as a teenage girl encourages him on
A man waves a large Cuban flag and blows a whistle through the music
Another man dances without his shirt, his chest is covered in tattoos, his muscles penetrates the drums
Two women embrace showing their love towards each other as they dance
A man stands on a bench and takes pictures of the crowd as bass beats pump from the speakers giving a higher vibration to the crowd
Music unites generations; and different cultures from various backgrounds together
Bringing good times and good vibes
Music is love; music is our DNA, and music is healing

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Falcon Animal Totem

I saw him yesterday and he was so beautiful. I spoted him as I was about to pull off from the train station. I thought if I moved the car he would fly away but he didn’t so I sat there after and watched. He finally flew and he had a nice wing range. My eyes followed. He went to another pole near the area and I made sure I kept everyone safe in their cars as I found a spot and watched him again until he left. I could have cried. I love nature.

I saw a Falcon in the area coming out of a CVS about 2 years ago and stopped my daily stuff and stood there and watched. I didn’t care who noticed. I feel like when I see an animal it is God. I saw a dove about 4 years ago in the College Park/Fayetteville area near my apt. It happened after I cried out to God about guidance for my career path and a white dove appeared. I couldn’t believe it. I sat there and cried like a baby and didn’t care who saw me. It was during a walk. It was so out of place. Almost like how could a dove come in my neighborhood to find me? I knew my goals were coming true.