Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Fela Kuti! What a Wonderful Time! Part 3

I have to take a nap. My friend, Khadijah wants me to attend the Felabration. It’s Fela Kuti’s Birthday.
Khadijah and I paint our faces in the car before going into 595 Avenue.

I do not dance; however, I just move to the wonderful rhythms and watch the other dancers perform. Two of the women were in the class earlier today.

So far, I’ve lost 4 lbs since I’ve started about 5 weeks ago. I have worked my behind off doing Cardio 3 times a week. I have incorporated weights to my plan this week.

If you want to know more information go to on Fela Kuti:

Fela Anikulapo Kuti ( 15 October 1938 — 2 August 1997), or simply Fela , was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, pioneer of afrobeat music, human rights activist, and political maverick.
The musical style performed by Fela Kuti is called Afrobeat, which is a fusion of jazz, funk, psychedelic rock, and traditional West African chants and rhythms. Afrobeat also borrows heavily from the native "tinker pan" African-style percussion that Kuti acquired while studying in Ghana with Hugh Masakela, under the uncanny Hedzoleh Soundz. Afrobeat is also characterized by having vocals, and musical structure, along with jazzy, funky horn sections. The endless groove is also used, in which a base rhythm of drums, shekere, muted guitar, and bass guitar are repeated throughout the song. His band was notable for featuring two baritone saxophones, whereas most groups were using only one of this instrument. This is a common technique in African and African-influenced musical styles, and can be seen in funk and hip hop. Some elements often present in Fela's music are the call-and-response within the chorus and figurative but simple lyrics. Fela's songs were almost always over 10 minutes in length, some reaching the 20- or even 30-minute marks, while some unreleased tracks would last up to 45 minutes when performed live. This was one of many reasons that his music never reached a substantial degree of popularity outside Africa. His songs were mostly sung in Nigerian pidgin, although he also performed a few songs in the Yoruba language. Fela's main instruments were the saxophone and the keyboards, but he also played the trumpet, guitar, and took the occasional drum solo. Fela refused to perform songs again after he had already recorded them, which also hindered his popularity outside Africa. Fela was known for his showmanship, and his concerts were often quite outlandish and wild. He referred to his stage act as the Underground Spiritual Game. Fela attempted making a movie but lost all the materials to the fire that was set to his house by the military government in power. Kuti thought that art, and thus his own music, should have political meaning.

What a Wonderful Time Part 2

After class, I decide today I’m strong enough to go to the African Dance Class at West End Performing Arts Center. It’s been a while (2007) since I taken an Introduction to Africa Dance Class. Apparently I wasn’t prepared.

My knees were under so much stress, I didn’t have the strength to endure the moves.

My knees swelled up around the time before an upcoming show. There were men that came from Ghana to show us these new moves and this did me in.

The day before the performance, I could barely move. I didn’t think I was ready for this performance when the instructor mentioned I would be a part of it.

Since I showed up to class faithfully, the instructor said I could do it. I thought I could bounce back in a couple of weeks, but it got so bad I had to an orthopedic doctor. He told me after x-rays and physical therapy I need to exercise daily and I would be fine.

Now, 4 years later and after bike riding last year up to 35 miles. I’m back stronger this time and it’s the best feeling in the world. I love the drums! I’m not a best dancer in class, but I’m doing okay for my first class. Keep in mind, I exercised earlier for an hour, but I really wanted to take this class today.

What a Wonderful Time Part 1

Sunday, October, 9 2011

3 miles walk with Pepper

Monday, Columbus Day 2011

Rowing/ Pilate’s DVD workout. Hula hoop workout on front porch

Wednesday. October 12, 2011

Today is Cardio at the gym at the office

Thursday, October 13

I think I’m going to die OMG!! I didn’t realize weight training can make me so tired. Thank God I have a grapefruit to eat afterwards; I’m back to life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I’m so tired and I promised my close friend, Jay Man I would go to see a horror movie with him (as scary as I am). I have to cancel.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I wake up a little late today and I didn’t prepare my workout bag last night. I’m running behind for my fitness class.
I ate an apple before class. I pray this apple doesn’t come up while doing this mountain climbing exercise on the floor.
Lisa, my trainer adds more weight to my workout today. She knows I want to get into weight training. I want muscles!
Lisa is trying to kill me (maybe I’m just taking this personal for some reason).

I think I need to sit down. I’m lightheaded!

Last week was our first time in the gym and I loved it!

I ask Lisa to go over the exercises she taught us in class, so that I can concentrate on them during the week.

Lisa mentions I’m somewhat strong .Wow, that’s an honor to hear this from her.

If you want to challenge yourself in an excellent Fitness Camp and see results.Contact Lisa Tanker at:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Columbus Day 2011

Today, Pepper(my dog), me and my inner child spends a great part of the day sitting on the front porch together. Pepper loves to watch the activities of the neighbors. She barks occasionally at strangers, dogs, and running children pass by.

I love to see her lay her head on the bottom of the railing of the porch. She's adorable and so sweet!!!

I need a place to store my hula hoop without it looking like a playground. Well,I have a doll that laughs, a stuffed monkey, a large teddy bear and most recent, Prince, my frog(not a real one) in my bedroom.

I decide to put the hula hoop on the porch behind the bamboo sticks in the decorative flower pot. Perfect!

I stare at the hula hoop and decide to exercise. I concentrate on working my arms and add some good ole regular moves.

I want Pepper to join me. I gather her treats from the kitchen and try to entice her to jump through it, but she keeps going around it. Shortly after, she walks through the hoop and gives a little jump to get the treat. I think with a little more practice maybe Pepper and me can take this hula hoop show on the road!

At least some of my neighbors got a good show!

May The Frogs Call Rain...

May The Frogs Call Rain

I have a new love for frogs, why I don't know because I'm too afraid to pick one up ,yet I have 2 new editions to my frog family collection at home. Two are on the porch along with my chicken and the most recent(the cutest)in my room. He is the prince so I named him Prince.

I had to look up the frog animal totem and I understand my fastination with them.


The frog is the totem of metamorphosis.
It symbolizes coming into your personal power.
It reminds us not to become bogged down with day-to-day living.

It is the totem of water.
Its voice calls forth the rains.
Emotions are associated with water and
a frog totem may be telling you to get in touch with your feelings.

People with frog medicine give support and energy
where it is needed.
They can cleanse the negativity from an environment.

For more readings on animal totems look at the website:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lizz Wrght at Variety Play House

The opening act "Lyric" is from Asheville NC. The female singer in the band has a strong and beautiful voice. I'm truly enjoying her flow. Lizz Wright mentions she hears a voice while walking amongst a crowd in a plaza in North Carolina and the voice literally hits her and moves through her back. She tells the people she's with to wait for her while she goes back and speaks with the female singer. Lizz Wright says when she hear God she listens. Now "Lyric" is an opening act! It amazes me how God moves when people open their hearts and listen. At one point of the concert Lizz brings Lyric back on stage and they sang a song together. What a special moment. I love Lizz Wright's voice. As she sings I can see a long country dirt road, a small church, a juke joint and I feel God as she sings. I have a few concerts under my belt and this one was the most fun. Tonight, I clapped, screamed, raised my hands and danced in my chair. I'm leaving this performance feeling refreshed, happy, and at peace. Thank you Lizz Wright. You are the truth and truly annoited.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Customer Appreciation Week


Feeling extra special. I love to feel great!
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National Customer Appreciation Week


Feeling special:)
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I made it to the red carpet!


I couldn't resist being on the red carpet.
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Friday, September 30, 2011


I got up
Start running
She chased me
Yet, she didn’t catch up
I can go back to my desk and finish my work!

Sleep © copyright 2011 Colette Paul

Thursday, September 29, 2011


My co-worker funeral is today. My manager and I will go and show our respect.
He and I worked in the sales environment. We married as a team years ago. I remember, the year at the sales conference we made a vow, along with other outside sales reps in my territory. What a great team building assignment. We discovered personal things about each other that we didn’t know previously and as a result the relationship grew closer.

I’m not too comfortable with funerals. I like how I last remembered the person. In this case, he had a zest for life.

My manager and I arrive at the funeral home; some of his family is outside of the building. We introduce ourselves.

As my manager and I walk into the funeral home, she asks if I’m okay and I tell her that I fine.

Inside, there’s a small chapel, and a large room with his family, and friends, and beautiful bouquet of flowers. A lovely arrangement of red roses is on his Mahogany coffin. He looks very peaceful. I’m beginning to feel calm.

There is a video showing a history of his life. His traveling ventures are so many. I can say he really lived! He has a loving family. All the faces that come to me and tell me stories about him, they all mention he was a good person. One of his nephews talks about how great uncle he was. I can tell he’s taking this very hard. I felt I needed to comfort him. I give him as many hugs as I can and tell him I will keep him in my prayers. I want to comfort everyone but my manager and I have to get back to work.

After returning, so many thoughts came to mind. Looking at a body, I know there is spirit, where does it go?

It’s amazing how one walk around one minute and next, he is gone. Life is truly a gift.

Where do we go in the after life? People have ideas, but has anyone gone for a period of time and come back to share?

Why are we here? Is it to enjoy life or to share our purpose with the world?

Is there more than one life? Do we recycle into other lifetimes?

What does it matter about wars? Why can’t people live peacefully?

Why is there greed? One can’t take material possessions with him?

It appears to me that good people leave this world early, while not so good people are still here.

Sometimes, I think once we complete our assignment on earth it’s time to move on.

I think my co-worker learned this very early. It was time to move to his next assignment.

I don’t think I can ever forget him. I see him in my mind’s eye now. Not in the coffin, but alive and free.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where is my friend?

There was an owl in the neighborhood for 5 years. Sometimes he would hoot so much I would ask him, “What is it you are trying to tell me Mr. Owl?" I haven't heard from him in the last few months and long for him. I miss him very much...

Where are you Mr. Owl?

If you have Owl for a power animal, it’s message is to pay attention to your dreams and feelings. Question your fears and act on your intuition. Focus on our intentions and move swiftly toward your goals and objectives. Be silent and conserve your energy until you are ready to act with undivided attention. If you are experiencing problems and uncertainty, take some time out to confront your fears and confusion. Invoke Owl to help with discernment and self-knowledge. Do not fear the dark or unknown. Explore your inner world with confidence. Work on developing Clairvoyance. Use Ritual and the Moon’s influence to generate power and make positive changes. Take time to get acquainted with your shadow-self.

If you want to know information, go to this wonderful website:

Power Animals and Their Messages

Fall has arrived

At 5:20 am
On September 27,2011
In the historic West End
Drinking hot mint tea
In rocking chair
On the front porch
Listening to a choir of crickets in surround sound

Friday, September 23, 2011

Life is precious

It sadness me that a co-worker passed away last night while he was on vacation. I’m told from other co-workers he loved to travel. Even though, he’s gone just like that. He came by my desk to say hello about two weeks ago.
Sometimes, we work so hard on our jobs. We have busy lives, and to add to this some of us are married and have children.
In one second, some of us are gone with unfinished dreams and leaving others behind.

I began to think, if I pass tomorrow, even though I plan on living a long healthy life. Well, I want to live to be 140 years of age. Why not with the way technology is advancing every day?

Any hoo, I have so many things I still want to accomplish:

I have unfinished writings to complete. I plan on being a world traveler.
I’m exercising to become stronger, so that I can resume taking African Dance classes. I want to hike again. I want to learn to swim once and for all; I’ve been trying all of my life. I’m even thinking of becoming a triathlete once I learn how to swim.

I want to be a Figure Sculpture. I plan on becoming an author of several children books, and magazine articles. Also I plan on writing articles for adults and a memoir.

I want to have grandchildren, great- great- grands, and great- great- great grandchildren.

I want a vegetable garden with herbs, so that I can help heal anyone that needs it.
Most people say life is short. My belief is that we must live life to the fullest. We are spiritual being having a human experience on this earth, so what are you going to do about it?

My prayers go out to those that have lost a love one or a family pet.

Laugh like you ain’t got no sense.
Cry like you don’t care whose watching.
Hug instead of shaking hands.
Smile to everyone, even your enemies.
And dance to life!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


An Oreo- colored kitten is outside of my door. It’s mostly black with a white belly and cute as it wants to be.
I notice it begins to drizzle so I bring her in the house. I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl so I decide to call her Pebbles.
Pebbles is very hungry. I go into the fridge and give her a hot dog. I feed it to her.

My son is eating pizza at the dining room table. She jumps on the table. I pick her up off of the table realizing she is still hungry.

There are two can of Vienna sausage in the kitchen cabinet. A few months ago, while getting gas from the corner store, I purchased them for a dog walking in the neighborhood without its leash and a homeless woman. By the time I came out of the store, the dog was gone. I handed it to the woman and she said, “I don’t eat that.” I brought the food home and gave one can to the dogs, Pepper and Sisco.
I chop up the sausages and give her some water in Pepper’s bowl. (I hope Pepper doesn’t mind)

Shortly after, Pebble jumps up on the dining room table again. I have no choice other than to set her free.

6:14am the next morning, I hear a cat and I jump up like a mother with a new born child. I search for my keys to open the door to the front porch. I didn’t see Pebbles. I notice an adult white and black cat looking at me. I assumed Pebbles was okay.

Shortly after, I hear cat screams. I leap for my keys, yank open the door and see the adult cat running in the bushes and Pepper running the opposite direction.
I run down the stairs with my nightgown on to pick up Pebbles. I say to her, “Pepples, that ole mean cat trying to bully you? Come on with you little cute self.”

I bring her back into the house. I have a few extra minutes before getting dressed. I begin to look through some writing to organize them and I’m holding her and she’s scrumming. She jumps on my bed. I pick her up and hold her again. She purrs. She gets down and jumps on one of my smaller bookshelves. She walks in the living room and jumps on the trunk posing as a coffee table. I gently say, “Oh no, you got to go now!” I pick her up and release her again.

After getting dressed, I get into the car and hear Pepples upstairs on the front porch. She tries to jump. She hesitates. I think it’s too high for her.
She makes her way down. Pebble is near the car I just cranked. I hope I don’t hit her. She’s smart enough to move. My eyes widen while the two other huge adult cats come into the gated front yard.

I mumble, “What is going on”. I clap loudly and scare the adult cats; they scatter. So does Pebble. She runs under the neighbor’s car across the street directly from the house. I hope she will be fine. I hate to leave her, but I gotta go to work.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is in the air 2011

I haven't made an entry since last year. I've only rode my bike once this year since I've been caring for a love one. It's been a battle and I've been praying alot for my love one's healing.

I practice the craft of writing when time permits.

The highlights of 2011 for me so far has been Sade's Concert and Malcolm Jamal Warren's Birthday.

There are three months before the 2012. November 24, I will be a year older and wiser.