Friday, September 30, 2011


I got up
Start running
She chased me
Yet, she didn’t catch up
I can go back to my desk and finish my work!

Sleep © copyright 2011 Colette Paul

Thursday, September 29, 2011


My co-worker funeral is today. My manager and I will go and show our respect.
He and I worked in the sales environment. We married as a team years ago. I remember, the year at the sales conference we made a vow, along with other outside sales reps in my territory. What a great team building assignment. We discovered personal things about each other that we didn’t know previously and as a result the relationship grew closer.

I’m not too comfortable with funerals. I like how I last remembered the person. In this case, he had a zest for life.

My manager and I arrive at the funeral home; some of his family is outside of the building. We introduce ourselves.

As my manager and I walk into the funeral home, she asks if I’m okay and I tell her that I fine.

Inside, there’s a small chapel, and a large room with his family, and friends, and beautiful bouquet of flowers. A lovely arrangement of red roses is on his Mahogany coffin. He looks very peaceful. I’m beginning to feel calm.

There is a video showing a history of his life. His traveling ventures are so many. I can say he really lived! He has a loving family. All the faces that come to me and tell me stories about him, they all mention he was a good person. One of his nephews talks about how great uncle he was. I can tell he’s taking this very hard. I felt I needed to comfort him. I give him as many hugs as I can and tell him I will keep him in my prayers. I want to comfort everyone but my manager and I have to get back to work.

After returning, so many thoughts came to mind. Looking at a body, I know there is spirit, where does it go?

It’s amazing how one walk around one minute and next, he is gone. Life is truly a gift.

Where do we go in the after life? People have ideas, but has anyone gone for a period of time and come back to share?

Why are we here? Is it to enjoy life or to share our purpose with the world?

Is there more than one life? Do we recycle into other lifetimes?

What does it matter about wars? Why can’t people live peacefully?

Why is there greed? One can’t take material possessions with him?

It appears to me that good people leave this world early, while not so good people are still here.

Sometimes, I think once we complete our assignment on earth it’s time to move on.

I think my co-worker learned this very early. It was time to move to his next assignment.

I don’t think I can ever forget him. I see him in my mind’s eye now. Not in the coffin, but alive and free.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where is my friend?

There was an owl in the neighborhood for 5 years. Sometimes he would hoot so much I would ask him, “What is it you are trying to tell me Mr. Owl?" I haven't heard from him in the last few months and long for him. I miss him very much...

Where are you Mr. Owl?

If you have Owl for a power animal, it’s message is to pay attention to your dreams and feelings. Question your fears and act on your intuition. Focus on our intentions and move swiftly toward your goals and objectives. Be silent and conserve your energy until you are ready to act with undivided attention. If you are experiencing problems and uncertainty, take some time out to confront your fears and confusion. Invoke Owl to help with discernment and self-knowledge. Do not fear the dark or unknown. Explore your inner world with confidence. Work on developing Clairvoyance. Use Ritual and the Moon’s influence to generate power and make positive changes. Take time to get acquainted with your shadow-self.

If you want to know information, go to this wonderful website:

Power Animals and Their Messages

Fall has arrived

At 5:20 am
On September 27,2011
In the historic West End
Drinking hot mint tea
In rocking chair
On the front porch
Listening to a choir of crickets in surround sound

Friday, September 23, 2011

Life is precious

It sadness me that a co-worker passed away last night while he was on vacation. I’m told from other co-workers he loved to travel. Even though, he’s gone just like that. He came by my desk to say hello about two weeks ago.
Sometimes, we work so hard on our jobs. We have busy lives, and to add to this some of us are married and have children.
In one second, some of us are gone with unfinished dreams and leaving others behind.

I began to think, if I pass tomorrow, even though I plan on living a long healthy life. Well, I want to live to be 140 years of age. Why not with the way technology is advancing every day?

Any hoo, I have so many things I still want to accomplish:

I have unfinished writings to complete. I plan on being a world traveler.
I’m exercising to become stronger, so that I can resume taking African Dance classes. I want to hike again. I want to learn to swim once and for all; I’ve been trying all of my life. I’m even thinking of becoming a triathlete once I learn how to swim.

I want to be a Figure Sculpture. I plan on becoming an author of several children books, and magazine articles. Also I plan on writing articles for adults and a memoir.

I want to have grandchildren, great- great- grands, and great- great- great grandchildren.

I want a vegetable garden with herbs, so that I can help heal anyone that needs it.
Most people say life is short. My belief is that we must live life to the fullest. We are spiritual being having a human experience on this earth, so what are you going to do about it?

My prayers go out to those that have lost a love one or a family pet.

Laugh like you ain’t got no sense.
Cry like you don’t care whose watching.
Hug instead of shaking hands.
Smile to everyone, even your enemies.
And dance to life!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


An Oreo- colored kitten is outside of my door. It’s mostly black with a white belly and cute as it wants to be.
I notice it begins to drizzle so I bring her in the house. I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl so I decide to call her Pebbles.
Pebbles is very hungry. I go into the fridge and give her a hot dog. I feed it to her.

My son is eating pizza at the dining room table. She jumps on the table. I pick her up off of the table realizing she is still hungry.

There are two can of Vienna sausage in the kitchen cabinet. A few months ago, while getting gas from the corner store, I purchased them for a dog walking in the neighborhood without its leash and a homeless woman. By the time I came out of the store, the dog was gone. I handed it to the woman and she said, “I don’t eat that.” I brought the food home and gave one can to the dogs, Pepper and Sisco.
I chop up the sausages and give her some water in Pepper’s bowl. (I hope Pepper doesn’t mind)

Shortly after, Pebble jumps up on the dining room table again. I have no choice other than to set her free.

6:14am the next morning, I hear a cat and I jump up like a mother with a new born child. I search for my keys to open the door to the front porch. I didn’t see Pebbles. I notice an adult white and black cat looking at me. I assumed Pebbles was okay.

Shortly after, I hear cat screams. I leap for my keys, yank open the door and see the adult cat running in the bushes and Pepper running the opposite direction.
I run down the stairs with my nightgown on to pick up Pebbles. I say to her, “Pepples, that ole mean cat trying to bully you? Come on with you little cute self.”

I bring her back into the house. I have a few extra minutes before getting dressed. I begin to look through some writing to organize them and I’m holding her and she’s scrumming. She jumps on my bed. I pick her up and hold her again. She purrs. She gets down and jumps on one of my smaller bookshelves. She walks in the living room and jumps on the trunk posing as a coffee table. I gently say, “Oh no, you got to go now!” I pick her up and release her again.

After getting dressed, I get into the car and hear Pepples upstairs on the front porch. She tries to jump. She hesitates. I think it’s too high for her.
She makes her way down. Pebble is near the car I just cranked. I hope I don’t hit her. She’s smart enough to move. My eyes widen while the two other huge adult cats come into the gated front yard.

I mumble, “What is going on”. I clap loudly and scare the adult cats; they scatter. So does Pebble. She runs under the neighbor’s car across the street directly from the house. I hope she will be fine. I hate to leave her, but I gotta go to work.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is in the air 2011

I haven't made an entry since last year. I've only rode my bike once this year since I've been caring for a love one. It's been a battle and I've been praying alot for my love one's healing.

I practice the craft of writing when time permits.

The highlights of 2011 for me so far has been Sade's Concert and Malcolm Jamal Warren's Birthday.

There are three months before the 2012. November 24, I will be a year older and wiser.