Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally Free Flowing

Today, I’m good and I'm feeling God's presence as I listen to House Music!

I am excited and honored that God has brought me through so many storms in my life to finally feel His/Her glory in a peaceful state.

And another thing that's been on my mind, For those who may not be acquainted with me; I'm always talking, and thinking about writing(more than I actually sit at the computer and plug away writing after a hard day of work) So,to inspire me I look for other writers to work with as far as writing assignments or exercises, but I haven’t found anyone with the drive. Writing is a lonely thing and I have to put that energy into facing the fear and start writing on an on-going basis because I've noticed the drive that I am looking for has me all along.

I'm now taking the Children's online writing course and it is really been paying off. I'm really excited about writing as I'm more clear on the concept of conflict in a plot. I've work on my second assignment for 3 nights straight and I was super tired last evening. I'm getting some consistency here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Butterflies all around me

Two yellow butterflies appear in the late summer playing like children in the rain.
Dancing around a large green leafy plant with orange flowers and landing. I take a seat on the sofa and watch in amazement in the backyard near the vegetable garden.

On a Sunday afternoon, after a three mile walk my dog. I watch two older male tennis players as they take a break, balls in basket, a rack rest on he bench near one of the men. While the other gentlemen spins his in the air. I walk over and start a friendly conversation, shortly after; two butterflies flutter past as the sun shows its face in the sweetness of the day.

Later, the dog and I stop and near the train tracks. Looking down next to my feet a yellow butterfly lands on the train track, it rest then it takes flight.

During the workweek, two yellow butterflies sail by as I eat my lunch at the Centennial Olympic Park.

I needed to find out the reason why yellow butterflies were showing up around me; was it a sign? I looked up the meaning of a butterfly totem and it stated: transformation, working in joy, the soul, creativity, romance, energy and harmony.

I realize more each day that I am ever changing. Maybe the butterflies were my reflection smiling back at me. We are one interchanging, joyously, loving life in a blissful, soul-evolving attempt in this place called planet earth.