Friday, July 30, 2010

Energy packed weekend!

Got to keep the energy level up for the weekend!

After work, today a co-worker and I are going to a Mexican Restaurant in the Castleberry district! Hopefully, significant other has made it home to take care of the pets.

I have to get in bed early so that I can get up early Saturday morning. I have a vigorous exercise weekend. I have a dragon boat race practice. This is my 4th week peddling with a team of incredible cancer survivors and supporters. Last week was my first competition. And my first time driving up to the lake by myself. Usually, I ride up to Lake Lanier with my shero, however this week, she went to compete at a national level with half of our team in Chattanooga TN. Well, I got lost getting there and didn't realize it until the team leader who so graciously helped me with directions came to me before the race and after me being on a boat to practice; I was on the wrong boat!

We came in second place and the boat I was suppose to be on came in last. What a great experience!!! On my way back my 1996 Jeep Cherokee got too hot and broke down. Significant other had to come help me get off an exit. While I waited I sat in the car and read a book. I had to stay calm. I found out Wednesday after taking it to My favorite Mechanic, that it would cost $4500 for a new motor so the time has come that I need a new car. I bought my ride from Craig's List because I didn't want a car note. I kept saying, "I don't want a car note." I believe in the law of attraction and look I now need a car. I should have said my red Jeep will last me for 2 more years instead. Oh well,

I bought a hybrid bike 2 weeks ago and a avid bike rider who has become a recent friend came over and showed me how to ride my new blue toy. My blue toy and I will become more acquainted because she will help me get to work in the months to come. I will learn how to stay on a budgeting, and how to get to my destination in a timely matter and the most important goal for me will come true, I will be the most fit woman ever!

Later on Saturday, I'm dancing evening away at the Green House Music Festival at Piedmont Park. I LOVE HOUSE MUSIC!!!

On Sunday I'm getting up to be ready to go bike riding with my avid bike rider friend.

I've got to get some writing in somewhere in between!!!

Hope I have enough energy to come back on Monday to work ready to get the calls out of Que. Whew!!!

Isn't life wonderful!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm very grateful and I'm just breathing and flowing in it.

This is my second week with the breast cancer survivors and support group in their Dragon Boat racing team. I've never been apart of a team in my life and I feel great to join this team of incredible, fearless women and their supporters!

I'm losing inches, and my body is moving much more fluent; feeling lighter.

I purchased my first bike, helmet and lock from Bike South and decided to join Bike MS Cox team with a friend on yesterday. I've never rode more than 6 blocks in my life. Sept.11-12 in Callaway Gardens, I will ride 25 miles on day 1. And day 2, 35 miles. OMG, what am I thinking!

This evening, I'm going to a book signing this evening to check out an author by the name of Daniel Black after work. But, I will work out at the company's gym before I go(got to stay stick to the plan).

Love my partner, tolerate my son and stay clear of my family.

What more can one ask for. I’ve made lemonade out of lemons….

Friday, July 2, 2010

Life is good!

Life is beautiful! I want to experience every good thing here on this magnificent place called Earth, while I am here traveling in this physical form, yes, it is a blessing!
Trees are beautiful and there are so many I want to see in other parts of the world; Mother Africa, China, The Caribbean Island and in every remote area.
What if each ancestor was a tree? I’d definitely make sure I’d visit them all.
I want to meet people from other cultures, visit their communities, and listen to their stories about their families, country and other things that mean life to them.

God has even me a gift; to love people and write about it; this is one of them….