Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MS/Cox Bike Ride Fundraiser 2010

At last!

MS/Cox Bike Ride Fundraiser 2010

I made it!!!

MS/Cox Bike Ride Fundraiser 2010

MS/Cox Bike Ride Fundraiser 2010

MS/Cox Bike Ride 2010

It's 5am and Significant Other is up already and this helps me get into gear.I'm nervous and debating if I should go to the MS/Cox Bike Ride Fundraiser. The friend told me there have been a road close so today instead of 25 miles it will be 32 miles. She mentioned alot of hills at the 3rd break point. Even after all of this nerve racking information and feeling like I'm going into surgery; I put one foot in front of the other and go through the motions of getting ready. Maybe this will give me the nerves to make a decision to go today.

We all get ready, let the dogs out so that they can take care of their business, and feed them.

We pack up in the car. We are on our way to Callaway Gardens. I call my friend and she's happy I made the decision to come. She asks if I brought my package which include the numbers with me because this is the only way I can participate; OMG, I forgot it! We are at the Jonesboro exit and Significant Others doesn't seem bothered by tuning around and going back to the house.

The packet in my workspace drawer. I run and get back into the car. We are back on the road. I'm nervous because it's 7 am and the ride starts at 8am. I read on a pamphlet in the car that no one can start after 9am, yet the official ride starts at 8am. I hope we can make it there on time. Our son forgot to bring the sandwiches I made for the occasion, so I don't have anything to eat and we don't have enough time to stop.

We arrive at 8:09 and cyclist have already started their routes. Significant Other and our son take my bike off of the bike rack. I find a restroom, my bottle of water that I put in my shirt back pocket falls into the porter potty toilet. I can't believe it! I notice the Cox tent and find a banana and healthy snack and I make sure they do not fall out of my back shirt pocket. I ride to the start line at 8:15.

I'd printed out a map during the week and remembered to bring it. S-hero C taught me to be prepared and I am somewhat there.

Thank God, they have arrows throughout the ride. After about 3 miles into this ride; two cyclist pass me and I'm along again. I read a sign that states after 8:45 that no one can pass the first break point. What does that mean? It's after 8:45 and I've come too far to turn around.

I'm finally at the break point and a lady makes a comment about me being late. I tell her I started at 8:30am and I'm a slow rider. She calls others to let them know I am here. I'm on my way!

Miles later, I notice a red arrow with the number 1 pointing in one direction and a blue arrow with number 2 pointing in other. I stop and I look at my map and see the street to follow. I notice red lights, a van, and a motorcycle. I'm thinking something has happen in the town. I proceed since this is the street on the map and I want to follow the number 1 sign instead of 2 in this case. They are breaking down the tent. This is the rest stop, I take a banana and orange. I hear someone say what if I had a mountain bike. I guess this is their joke because I'm the last cyclist, however, there is another female cyclist passing by on a hybrid bike, but she didn't stop. I didn't feel too bad.

Once I finished, the van called SAG follows me.
Shortly after, on the highway I stop and get off my bike because I notice my computer has stop. I guess when I walked it through the damp grass at the break point it stop working. I couldn't keep working on it. I had to jump on the bike and keep it moving. At the break point, one of the ladies told me that the next break point is 16 miles. I rode 9.75 miles to get to this one.

About 5 miles down the road, I signal to the SAG van, he pulls over. I ask if he has water.He is my savivor. I drink and stretch before getting back to this ride.

The inclines are challenging. I rest as I ride on the downhills. There are times there is nothing around but the open road and the SAG van behind me, sometimes a dragon fly or a butter fly. I invited any thing to entertain me on this long highway; any glimspe of excitement. I notice a do not enter sign and seconds later I hear gun shots. Now, I thank God for the SAG van that is trailing behind me. They call him the turtle. Beforehand I wanted him to go around me.

I wonder how much further is it to the next break point. I pass cows, a group of horses, they look at me as I look at them. I thank God for the scenery.

I finally see a sign that states 2 miles to the next break point. Sometimes I think of getting in the van, but I can't stop now, I'm too close. This road is like a roller coaster. There have been hills from break point 1. I get a breather and here is another hill. OMG!

There are cyclist at the second break point, I'm assuming from the 60 or 100 miles ride catetory. I eat more bananas and a orange and take a visit to the porter potty.

7.9 miles to go before reaching the finish line. The hill are much more steep and I'm at my lowest gear and taking my time. Cyclist are passing me and shouting to me great words of support. One cyclist call out, Keep peddling! Others shout, You are almost there; you on the home stretch!

A gentlemen on a motorcycle says I have 2 miles to go. I get a call on my cell and it's my friend who rode yesterday. She has other friends that have finished an hour ago and will wait until I finish before she leaves. She ask for a description of my family. 2 miles seems like 4, but I don't stop. I begin to notice these sights from earlier and now I know where I am. I'm near the finish line. I'm about to cross over and hear the announcer shout,"Here is a cyclist finishing from Cox." I wave! I see a lady in a wheel chair, I see my family and my friend taking pictures. I've never had a dream of even attempting to do anything like this in my life. I just bought this bike in July 2010 and could only ride 4 miles and look at me now! I did it! 32 miles on Sunday 12, 2010.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Steel Magnolias(survivor team)and Upholders (supporter team), we both came in 3rd place for the second race.

I have to leave before the finals, so that the family and can make it to Callaway Gardens for the MS/Cox Bike Fundraiser, yet Significant Other and I have a spat by the time we make it home. I'm too tired and upset to drive to Callaway with our son so Significant Other and I come to an agreement that tomorrow morning we will head to Callaway Gardens to the fundraiser.

Shortly after, I call a friend that registered me in the fundraiser. She says it's was an extremely challenging ride on Day 1 and she debated riding tomorrow. I’m afraid now and have talked myself into not going. I’m so afraid, however, I have participaed in the fundraiser for this event and have told friends that I will ride and have announced this information on Face Book and Twitter. If I don’t I will never know what I can accomplished. And S-hero C has trained me well. What would she say if I don't go? I take this to my dreams.

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010


Atlanta Boat Festival 2010


Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Yes, we came in 1st place!

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Upholders first race

Atlanta Dragon Festival 2010

Upholders setting up for the race

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Looking for significant other and son

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Son seating in crowd

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Steel Magnolias, the survivor team placed 1st

Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Waiting for the race

Dragon Boat Festival 2010

I'm on the survivors Team called the UPHOLDERS

Getting ready for race

Dragon Boat Festival 2010


Dragon Boat Festival


Dragon Boat Festival

Significant other shakes me and says, "It's 5am, time to get up." I feel like I just closed my eyes. Give me at least 15 more minutes I want to say, but I know better. I need to get up now if I want to make the festival on time. Thank God, I'd prepared lunches, got the chairs, clothes and my gear together.

It’s the family and me today. Our son told me earlier in the week that he is excited about the festival. I walk to his room to wake him up. He barely moves. This is too early in the morning for the both of us. Significant other is the only 5am early riser in this family.

The dogs are let out to take care of their business, fed and happy.

We have packed everything in the car and are ready to ride to Lake Lanier.
We stop half way there to fill up on fuel. I purchase a cup of cappuccino. I’m still sleepy after drinking half of it. I know if I drink the entire thing; I will have to stop again and we have to get there on time. Our son is sitting up asleep in the backseat. What a sight.

We have arrived at the festival. It getting crowded in the parking area already and it just 6am. There are many places set up to eat and play games. This is going to be a great day. I can feel it already. I look for the Atlanta Dragon Race booth as Significant other and our son find a seat.

The survivors are about to compete as I walk up to our area.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quiet Moments

I am your flower
You are my light
I need you to flourish
Your touch, your kiss keeps me nourished
Without them my heart will ache
My only survival is your connection
I stand in front of your open and exposed
Waiting to be stimulated by you
I thirst for your wisdom to rain on me
Soak me with your knowledge
Surround me with your rays
For I will bloom indefinitely

Thirst © copyright Colette Paul

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day 2010

I almost burned the house down. Not really, but it got pretty scary after I realized I added too much lighter fluid.

Labor Day 2010

Labor Day 2010

Labor Day 2010

Labor Day 2010

Labor Day 2010


Labor Day 2010

Labor Day 2010

Labor Day Pictures 2010

My son and I at the West End Park.

Wheels and Decatur Book Festival

The doorbell rings .The dogs bark and I open the door. I am dressed before S-hero arrives this time. Today we are riding to the Decatur Book Festival. Later in the day around 2pm, we will ride to Peachtree Street to a Hotel to see one of my friends featured Short Film.
It’s a chill in the air and I hate cold weather. Yet, I’m moving pass my comfort zone and I know my body temperature will adjust. This ride is so relaxing and gorgeous! It amazing how many things I miss in a neighborhood because I usually drive a car. I notice I’ve witnessed so much more on a bike.
The rhythm of the neighborhood breathes. Each block; street has its own personality. Reynolds Town is known for its graffiti.
I’m surprised to say it a smooth ride with one major hill and I didn’t mind it so much because of the beauty!
We make it to Downtown Decatur at 9:45am and eat at Thumbs Up in the area. Great service!
We head over to the event, and I’m only interested only in the children’s section of the festival.
There is a parade about to start. Girls are dressed as lady bugs and the boys are dressed as beetles. The mascot lady bug starts the parade, a mini size fire truck follows as S-hero C and I walk in the crowd. I excitedly take pictures of a medium sized dog dressed like a lady bug.
We sit at the children’s tent and listen to a popular ladybug story being read by a lady from a local bookstore.
It’s time to leave, so that we can make it to my friend’s event. I make a last stop and purchase a book at the festival called, “Ruth and the Green Book.” I hear it’s been reviewed in the New York Times. Amazingly the author looks familiar and after talking to him I realize I met him before through my literary mom.

S-hero C and I take the train so that we can make it on time and watch my friend’s film. It is wonderful! This is my first time seeing any of her work and I’m so proud of her. See is a fantastic talent!
After her film, we watch one more and leave to make it back to my home. What an incredible day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heels On Wheels

The first weekend of ever month, a group of woman called Heels on Wheels ride on Peachtree Street from the hours of 6:30pm to 9pm. After the ride, a place to eat is determined by the group.

This time neither of my S-hero's are attending. I would feel better if they had come.

After getting off at the Five Points Station; I'm too nervous to ride my bike on Peachtree Street, so I walk it to Woodruff Park where the ladies will meet up for the group ride. I had enough of the cab driver cursing at me on yesterday and his ill wishes towards me, like he hoped I die on my first time taking the train to Peachtee Center and riding to work. I find out later the reason he cursed was that I indeed made an illegal turn on Baker Street. My feelings are more hurt about making an illegal turn because I believe in safety. And yes, his words did get to me; my spirit is still a little bruised.

Today, there are only one woman waiting with her bike as I show up. Others slowly come ,but it is not as nearly as many women as last month. I find out that the ride starts at 6:30 pm. The leader of the group hasn't shown until 6:45 and now I know what it feels like to wait for a person.

She brings a boom box with her, and she needs D batteries so we all ride to Five Points so that she can purchase.

On Peachtree Street, it is pretty crowded because of Dragon Con and a couple of football games. The group ride pass Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles restaurant and a young lady from the resturant yells, "Hey look a boom box!" Someone in our group says, "Out of all of the people with costumes on from Dragon Con, she points out at our boom box"! Thank God for it because I'm not as nervous on this street.

After the ride, one of the ladies decides that we eat at Loca Luna Restaurant in the Piedmont. My only concern is how am I going to get home once it turns dark. Some of the ladies will stay and dance. Others have left already.

I call significant other and a ride is offered to me. What a nice way to spend a Saturday evening, yet it's even better that I do not have to ride back home on my own.

The Ashwoody's

S-hero C rings the doorbell at 6:59 am, the dogs bark like crazy and significant other opens the door for me as I run around getting ready. My stomach hurts and I can’t stay out of the restroom. Thank God significant other and S-hero C get along so well! I have time! S-hero see is showing our route on Google map as I have no idea what’s in store for me today.
We ride to apart of the Belt Line in the West End area. I did realize this area existed and it’s right under my nose. I tell S-hero C that we have to go back. I’ve lost my new bike computer. She quiet and I’ve learned that is an indication she is pissed. (I hate that word but I’m going to use it anyway) “That is $30 you will have to eat. Each time you lose an item are you going to turn back around?” he asks, I’m determined to get this computer. “I just bought it! I tell her.” It’s on the curb not too far away from where the BeltLine starts. She instructs me on how to secure the bike computer.

We ride to Ashley train near Martin Luther King Jr Street. We are traveling to her hood (as she calls it) to Dunwoody station. We ride on a bike path. I tell her the area is so clean and she agrees with the smoothing smile. I can tell she is pleased with my observation. We travel on our bikes pass a team playing soccer. Two extremely fit men stand behind a sign that reads, FREE BOOTCAMP. “OMG! Are you serious,” I yell out to them and they call out, “it won’t be too bad.” “I try to keep up with S-hero C and this is enough workout for me,” I reply.

Down the road, she shows me an undeveloped area; a part of the bike path. After riding to a particular neighborhood, she asks. “Do you know where you are?” “No,” I reply. She explains what’s in front of me. I’m too tired to enjoy the scenery at this point from the incline we just encountered. “The AT&T King and Queen Buildings,” she says. “Oh, I couldn’t see them for trying to catch my breath” I whisper. On this street, she introduces me to the Ashwoody’s (as she calls them) OMG! I want to give up; this street goes on forever on an incline! The only thing that keeps me going is the stop sign that twinkles at me. I’m light headed as I take a much needed break.
The next street isn’t as bad, but bad enough. These streets have the highest hills ever! I will never forget the Ashwoody’s as long as I live! I pull out my camera and take pictures of these monstrous streets before we move on.
S-hero C gives me a talk and now I’m really nervous. We cross an intersection and there is DEEP downhill to tackle. My stomach falls to only where the universe knows. I’m really calling God now with ever cell I know about that exist in my body. There is NO feeling of a rush for me that S-hero always describes. There is NO FUN at this point! God, why am I here, I ponder as the wind whips around me, and screams in my ear. I had church on this bike this Sunday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Books and Bicycle Rides

Since I'm not going to the Dragon Boat Race practice, but going to celebrate with my literary mom on her accomplishment. I need to replace the exercise time. I decide to ride my bike, but I can't be a baby and ask S-hero C to come over to my side of town to ride with me for only 30 minutes. I get up the nerves and ride in my area to Oakland City Train Station. I get back to prepare for the event. Significant other gives me a ride to Downtown Decatur. I get there a little after 10am. It isn't crowded. I walk with a dozen of white roses behind my back and hands them to literary mom. She is surprised and loves them

One of literary mom's children's books has been chosen for 25 Books Every Young Georgia Should Read. After staying at the event, mom invites her friends and family to eat at a near-by restaurant. I want add a small pancake to my order of a shrimp wrap, but I know to placing a side order will be too much.

I believe it was the manager also checking on our table. I asks his name because he has a great personality. Shortly after, he comes back to the table with a plate of pancakes. No one ask for them, I only thought of them. Wow, from just a thought, he brings pancakes! The universe is wonderful!

The Silver Comet Trail

Today on August 22, I need to find out if I'm physically capable of riding 30 miles for the MS/Cox Bike Ride Fundraiser on September 12. I've only rode 7 miles so far since purchasing my bike a little over a month ago.

Outdoorsy s-hero met up with S-hero Cyclist last night, she's allowing me to borrow her bike rack so that s-hero C and I can meet up with her and another lady including the friend from the restaurant on yesterday.

6am we have to be there, yeah right, but I got to do this so I"m up before S-hero C gives me a wake up call at 5:15am. It's a challenge putting my bike in the car, I take off the wheel , and drive towards S-hero C way, I miss the exit to get to her and attempt to go the way we hung out the night before. I'm lost and it's 5:40am. I call S-hero O and she says,"why didn't you take Peachtree St. there?"

I call S-hero C and she gives me directions again, I'm lost in the train station area, Oh God, my sense of direction sucks! And I need gas, so in web of my confusion I back track to the gas station. I call S-hero C again and she says, you should be here by now." I call S-hero O because I know she will not wait on me at the trail.

We finally get there about 7:15am and they mention they are not too far on the path and have slowed their pace so that we can catch up ,but I'm having bike issues from taking my front wheel off so many times since the purchase. I need a bike rack. S-hero C is frustrated because my shift gears aren't working properly;they are out of alignment, my brakes are extremely loud as I stop and my seat is not tight. Things are falling apart. I'm off the bike again, S-hero O is calling. I tell her not to wait up. S-hero C says we have to turn around and calls Bicycle South to see if they are opened, but I'm willing to repair the bike, even though I'm not mechanically inclined. Nothing is working and I'm thinking I broke a screw, I'm now defeated! S-hero C shows me that isn't and I'm back into business. We are on our way!

The ride is smooth at times, challenging mostly, when s-hero pushes me to increase my speed. She calls out, "your going 10mph, 9, pick up your speed!"

At 7 miles, I see s-hero O for 2 seconds speeding by us going back to the parking area, she has to leave to pick up a friend from the airport.

At 15 miles, I see the other friend from the restaurant with her friend going back.

At 20 miles, my butt is hurting and I need a restroom break. Thank God we find one!

At miles 25,26 and 27, I'm asking, "How many more miles do we have?" "The longer you take, the longer it takes" calls out S-hero C.

There are times I have to take a break for water, stretch my legs, and at mile 28 my hands are numb. I"m slapping my butt to get blood flow again. I can't stop anymore. I'm too close to mile 30 and each time I stop it appears to get harder to get into a nice rhythm again.

"You've made 30 miles!" I finally hear s-hero C say. I can't believe that I've accomplished anything of this magnitude!

Standing in the parking lot after the ride; I'd never felt my legs shake like this before. I didn't know if it was a sign that I would pass out or not. I've never worked physically at this level in my life! I tell s-hero C, my legs are kickstand. "No, your legs are feeling like legs, she replies.

She hugs me and says, I'm very proud of you. Now, let's get your bike to the shop.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Partly Cloudy with Chances of Rain

I knew better, but I had to celebrate Tambor’s 1st anniversary of House Music parties last night. Yet, four hours of sleep doesn't agree with me.

Okay, now I’m up and getting ready to meet Outdoorsy S-hero at her place for the Dragon Boat Race practiced. I need to be there by 7:45am, and I have called her to tell her I'm in route, and its 7:46am. I'm in her parking lot at 7:50am, and I call her on her cell phone. She tells me she had left me. Not again! Then she says she's in the parking lot. What a cruel joke! I'm really trying here.

As we ride to Lake Lanier, it begins to rain, she drives, the rain pours and it’s now questionable if we should continue. She asks me to dial certain contact numbers of a couple of team members; no one answers. She decides that we will continue to go to the lake and see if anyone shows, if not we will drive back and have breakfast and go to REI Sporting Goods Store. I need a pair of biking shorts. I'm tired of blister's the size of an egg on my butt. And I’m tired of icing it and just plain ole tired of having soreness back there for almost an entire week, even after the healing power of an Epsom Salt bathe.

Upon arrival, in the building upstairs, we find other team members there. We practice in a workout area, I'm sure this place shined from newness and excitement at the 1996 Olympics. Today, it's still in good shape.

The leader of the team decides we should practice by pulling 10 chairs on each side together as if we are in the boat. With surprise, after she calls different drills for the upcoming race; I’m sweating. I think I’m the only one. But after practice, O'S-hero says she got a good workout as well.

It stops raining during practice; however, some of the ladies have to leave. We need at least 10 members to get on the boat and go out on the lake. I’m saddened that we can’t go because there’s nothing like working against water as a team. Well, I guess it won’t happen this week.

After practice, I get a great pair of biking shorts on sale at REI. Shortly after, we have lunch at R.Thomas. I call a friend to join us. We have great conversation until I become a target of their discussion after I give a recap of the night before at the House Music Party. Am I a flirt or just friendly? I felt like being on the boat at practice a few weeks past all over again.

I went home to get ready for S-hero C. She invited significant other (sweetie) and me to dinner this week; however sweetie had to go out of town to visit family. Instead my son and I made plans to meet S-hero C for dinner. After picking her up from her piece of the pie in the sky (as she calls it) we chose to eat at a festive fine dining Mexican restaurant in her area.

We share a lovely night, with great conversation and incredible food. She helps me back to her place and my son and I make it back home. I make it home at a decent hour to get some rest before the big day ahead.

August 15, Sunday

My eyes open. Light is outside of the window. I ask significant other the time. The doorbell rings. The dogs bark. I jump up from the bed. Significant other opens the door as I rush around getting my gear together as I get dress. I'm late again. If only I had more rest, more time.

20 minutes later, significant other waves us off as I follow S-hero. She picks her bike up with one hand and walks down the porch stairs. I'm still clumsy with mine, but working on it!

S-hero cyclist and I ride in the neighborhood streets. This ride is great! And then there comes hills, massive ones and this isn't fun anymore. I can't enjoy the scenery for trying to endure these HILLS. Yet, I get a glimpse after catching my breath. A cemetery, beautiful tress, hidden cozy houses that shows themselves in the city of East Point. Yet another hill interrupting the gorgeous scenery that I now have to exchanged for sweat, and lungs grabbing for oxygen.

S-hero signals for me to make a turn into a secluded area, A place where cyclist race; Dick Lane Velodrome. An amazing place, a new world opens for me. We park our bikes and take a seat on the bleachers. Still early, some cyclist are parking, some preparing themselves for what it is to come ahead. It began to mist; pure beauty. We are on our journey once again.

Thumps Up for breakfast. The catfish is tasty. I feel I can work it off. I need fuel for this ride. S-hero informs me we will travel to my job. On the main street, vehicles are driving so close to us. Not everyone is going around. I am happy when there is a street we can turn onto with less traffic; a safe haven to my nerves. And the hills aren't as steep. S-hero C says she can show me some hills and that hills makes one stronger. Oh well, with my stamina, this is enough hills for me.

The ride going towards downtown is not as bad. Yet there are inclines along the way and I still don't it.

We make it to my building. After, we ride our bikes to Georgia Aquarium, there she shows me how to use resources, like clean restrooms, water fountains, and a rest area.
We ride back to my home. Once inside, I chime to significant other as S-hero smiles at me and says, "Well done!"

For more information on the cyclist track in Georgia go to:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 14, Saturday

Outdoorsy s-hero does not play, she told me the night before to be at her place at 7:45 am, yet I was in my drive way at home at 7:45 and I should have been in her parking lot at her place. Well, I got left again so I had to drive. So, I thought I had time anyway. I stopped and got breakfast and coffee because I was sleepy from partying late last night. I noticed I miscalculated the time and didn't know if I should turn around and come back home or keep driving to practice. I decided to see what would happen and made it to Lake Lanier. In the parking lot I noticed everyone was the on the boat. I ran as fast as I could! Someone yelled from the boat, "don't forget your life jacket!"

I was in seat #9 since I wasn't there for the seating assignment.(I guess my punishment for not being on time) Oh well, I deserved it! We worked on a power run to get ready for my festival on Sept. 11. It was the most challenging thing for me. Since I was the back of the boat, I had a chance to notice many teammates technique were all wrong, I couldn't understand why the week prior as I sat in seat 3, so many teammates were on my case about my mistakes with on technique. I may be a sour sport, but I don't have the passion anymore for the team.

After practice, I spoke to outdoorsy s-hero. We said our goodbyes because she had a meeting. I cranked my car and nothing happened; I'd left the lights on and it began to pour rain. I scramble to find my cell before s-hero left. I caught her before she pulled out of the parking lot. I'm so happy that she pulled over and helped! Thank God! I had cables, but I had no idea what went where. I had to call significant other to instruct me over the phone and s-hero knew what to do. It began to pour more and luckily I had an umbrella(I barely use the things) I prefer to walk in the rain during the summer months, but I don't care for a downpour.

I drove home after pulling my wet pants off in the car and pulled my shirt down as far as I could. Finally, I had to throw my wet pants over my legs to cover myself from the 18 wheelers, as I drove back to Atlanta.

August 13, Friday

Half asleep the phone ranged. Significant other got a call from friends to meet them at a party. Too tired to go, the friends asked if I would go. Even though, I felt it was no turning back from dream land, and I had to get my rest for the dragon boat practice the next morning, I couldn't allow this party to go on without me. My reputation was at stake. I'd never turn down a party! Significant other surprised me and got up to get dress as well. I couldn't believe it!

About an hour later, we showed up at a restaurant turned club on Peachtree Street. It cost $20 to get in! I thought it better be worth it.

Inside, no one was in the club! Are you kidding me! I had to use the restroom and found the ladies room. Some guys escorted me in and it was filled with men. It looked like it was where they hung out for conversation. One of the guys who escorted me in said, "Believe me, these boys do not want you!" I was cool with that, I just had to pee!

I saw boys packed on each other on the other side of the club. I was told the empty side would opened soon. Once opened, no one danced. Most guys talked or ordered drinks at the bar. I didn't know what was going on, I thought people came to a club to dance. I went to the bartender to see if the empty floor was intended for dancing . I needed to know the rules of the club. I didn't want to look too out of place. He assured me it was.

Significant other and I stepped on the dance floor and grooved to the music(great D.J) and others filled the floor and danced. It was the weirdest thing to me that people would wait for someone to make the first move.

One of significant other friends came on the dance floor as the other talked to boys in the club.

I didn't stay long because I knew how tired significant other had been. It was a cute,short and sweet night.