Thursday, August 19, 2010


This week, I made it to seat 3, however, my dragon boat race practice did not go well. My technique was off.

One lady in the seat in front of me said she would switch seats with her boat partner on the opposite side of her. In a joking way, I said, why does everyone switch seats when they sit in front of me. She said, "I'm changing to work on my left stroke." My s-hero proceeds to sit behind me and tell me what to do. Some of the other team members join in and give me more pointers. One male shouts out directions to me. I tell him I thought that was I was doing and asked him what was I doing wrong? He said, I wasn't watching you. So why did he give me pointers if he wasn't watching my technique? The team leader even stopped the boat and I had to show the stroke by myself. At this point I felt like, oh yeah, pick on the black female! Even though I'm open to learning,this did not feel good, all eyes were on me! I was close to my breaking point.

After practice, s-hero told me she sat behind me because some of the other team members were talking about me behind my back and others were indirectly making sharp remarks. And as a friend, she wasn't going to allow me to struggle like that and not do anything about it. I felt horrible and I didn't know if I wanted to come back. It really hurt that some of them were whispering about me, but they were not upfront when I asked a question if they were speaking about me.

Two weeks ago, I struggled getting a new technique that was introduced to the group. Some of the team members got my name wrong, calling me my s-hero's name, I heard one of them ask my boat partner to get my name(after we introduced ourselves) she even gave them her name. I continued to allow them to call her name until they finished and turned around and said, my name is Colette!

After practice, s-hero, her friend and I went to eat at R Thomas. After eating I rushed home because I didn't have my bike with me. (I was left by getting a ride from s-hero this morning because I was running late again. Surprisely, I was right behind her as she pulled up to the practice parking lot of Lake Lanier.)

At the house, I got help from significant other by getting the bike in the car. I only had time to freshen up, change clothes, and get back to s-hero's place downtown in time. She drove to Mitchell St. for a bike safety class and after went on my first group ride for women called Heels on Wheels. We started at Woodruff Park and I was so nervous; I think I was shaking. At certain times of the ride, I gained confidence and other times seemed like a close call. A car too close, the light changing and I didn't know if I could make it in time. My seat wasn't tight enough and I had to keep up with the group. Cyclist s-hero met us at the group ride and she was next to me at times, so after awhile I had no choice other than to stop. It was nice, 3 other women pulled over to assist including s-hero cyclist and she tighten my seat for me. One of the ladies dropped her back pack and a man on the Peachtree Street called to give it to her. There are still kind people in the world.

Our group rode on Peachtree Street pass 14Th St. and wrapped around ending on Edgewood to eat. We had to split the group, there wasn't enough bike parking in the pizza parlor. The company of women and the meal was great but I missed significant other.

It turned into my first night ride back to the headquarters on Mitchell St.
After it was over at 10pm, I realized I loved this adventurous day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday 8/2/10

I'm physically exhausted, yet I'm happy!!! My morning exercise regimen starts with each leg of 10 front, 50 side, 10 back, 20 push-ups, 250 crunches,and another variation of 20 leg lifts since the 22ND of June.

I took an Epsom salt bathe Sunday night. I have to find a place to get a massage in town!

The inches are shedding; it’s amazing. I've been keeping up with exercising; well not really, after the dragon boat race practice on Saturday and the cycling on Sunday, it takes me a week to recoup before I go do it all over again, however, my morning regimen is consistent.

I’m telling you the universe is no joke, if you say you want something and write it down, it will come!! I"m more adventurous and the pounds are finally melting off!

Also, today as my co-worker and I walked towards Peachtree Center for lunch, I saw policemen blocking people off from a certain area on the side of Peachtree Street and Harris St. I didn't know what was going on until I asked a lady on the street.She pointed to the President’s car parked near the white tent and said he was having lunch inside which they had blocked an area off for him from the crowd.

Shortly after, my co-worker and I continued on our walk to lunch. We pushed our way through to the food court. We went into my favorite restaurant, Willy's which has been a daily fix for me for the last few months.

There were 2 secret service men standing in line in front of us and, of course I talked to closest one to us; they were as beautiful as Roman gods. I told him to keep up the good work in protecting the president and that I loved President Obama.
He thanked me, showing his incredible smile.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday 8/1/10

Cyclist s-hero confirmed with me on yesterday that she will be at my home at 7am. I was so tired from the Saturday activities before going to bed, so I didn’t know how I would get up on time.

She rings the doorbell at 6:57am. OMG, I have 3 more minutes, what is going on? The dogs are barking like crazy. I run to the door and open it telling her I have time (yeah right, I'm not ready yet!) She is patience enough to wait for me. It takes me 8 minutes and we are ready to go. She asks did I have my map to lead bike ride this time. No, I answer but I kind of remember how to get to our destination.

I'm up for the ride and I lead most of the session this time. We ride from my house in the Historic West End to East Point. I have a new respect for cyclist. I thought it would take no time, however, on the bike with the hills, slops and the even streets, my muscles in my legs burns and I think I can't make it at one point, I need a break!!! We take one and it is time to get up and keep moving because these days have been extra hot and humid. We get to Thumbs Up about 8am.

I’ve never been here so early, it looks strange to me, almost empty. It's mostly crowds of people with long waiting lines when I've been here in the past.

Cyclist s-hero friend has a large breakfast; she says food is fuel. I have a veggie bagel with a slice of cold salmon on the side. Aww, the food brings me back to life!

We ride back to my house and I retrieve my Marta card there, this is the day she will ride to my job with me, we talked about it last Sunday on my first ride with her.( I forgot about this.) We take the train from the West End Station to Peachtree Center.

We can only get so far in my building, so we walk back to Peachtree St. She tells me about free weekends at the High Museum of Art and give me a friendly challenge to ride there with her. Me on Peachtree Street? She gives me a lesson telling me that the cyclist who ride this street is chic and fast. Yeah, me riding an hybrid bike cycle and legs that look more like jelly? Me on Peachtree Street? The only thing I do on this street is walk across the street for lunch. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to walk and try other adventurous things(which haven’t been much) but I will try it. I get an A for heart, right? Can you believe I'm riding from Peachtree Center train station to the High Museum of Art?

She yells commands like, "stay on my heels, move, move, move." A huge bug hits me in the face and I try not to fall off my bike. Instead, a scream escapes me.

Around 7th Street, I have to take a break; a mini meltdown follows. I point to her and tell her she's crazy, a speed demon and I am crazy too!

I have no idea that we have gotten so far and thank God for red traffic lights, I’ve never loved them so much. We have to make a left hand turn to get to the High and I am so frightened, she commands, “Keep up” and I scream her name. I look behind me and it's traffic! It looks like a traffic pile up, but not on a Sunday, maybe it's my nerves! OMG!!!! What is wrong with me?!!!!

We take a long break in the shade at the High, I announce to cyclist friend that I can’t ride back to Peachtree station. She tells me we can ride to the train station behind us. I have to follow her, she picks up her bike and walks down the steps like it was made of aluminum foil.

I pick up my bike. My legs feel like cooked pasta. I'm so sore, but I do the best I can. My arms shake as I try to lift this object above my head and look as confident and refreshed as she does.

We ride over to the train station which is the easiest ride of the day. In the station, she is going to ride back to help me on my street to get home safe, but I tell her I can do it. I take the back road to my house. It's a poor decision; I still have to take the main road and practice many things she has taught me about cycling with the traffic! OMG!!!!

I made it home and one piece, she calls to check on me and tells me I did a fantastic job and I rode 7 miles today, it seemed like 100 miles to me.

Saturday 7/31/10

I rode to Lake Lanier with my outdoorsy, s-hero friend for our Dragon Boat Race practice. This week I made it to seat #4 (I’m assuming this is a good position) I heard the area is the power of the boat.

After practice, I went home, plopped on the couch and fell asleep.
I got up to get ready to meet my s-hero, outdoorsy, friend; her friend, and my belly dancing friend for the House Music party at Piedmont. We were supposed to have met at 5pm, yet I got there at 7:30. My belly dance friend was already their wowing the crowd with her pink long fitting dress with Marilyn Monroe snapshots images all over her dress. Beautiful!

She and I hugged. After I went directly to the dance floor and swayed to the music. I hadn’t gotten deep into the rhythm of the music, but the sun was strong enough for me to pour with sweat.

I danced most of the night, only resting once. I hope I’ve lost 10 lbs.

Later in the evening, belly dance friend and I went to R. Thomas. I had a wonderful Mango salad; it was so good I had to get one to go.