Wednesday, June 16, 2010

May 27, 2010

I struggle to meditate, yet this morning I got up early enough to sit and spend some time within. Afterwards, I even had enough time to walk to the train station which is about 20 minutes away from my home. Finally, I’m up early enough to get some exercise.

Yet, close to the train station, I'm running out of time to take the train I normally ride to get to work if I had drove; I have to put more fuel to my step.

Before I’d noticed, a city bus passed me; I feel more rushed knowing that I will be even more late. I feel guilty that I didn’t turn around to see the bus in time.

As I calm my thoughts, I notice across the street a group of black birds flying around near the side wall of the mall. I stop in my tracks after I saw something large scoop behind the low wall like a whale gliding underneath the tides. His wing span long, could it be a falcon?

He has something weightless and limp in his massive claws as he sits on a huge pole. I think it's blue jeans, shorts, or a t-shirt (time to get my head out of the city life) it is a limp pigeon.

Wow, a falcon has hunted near one of the most urban malls in the city; West End Mall.

I’m looking at nature at its rawest form. The Animal Planet in living view and I am the camera woman recording; this ingrained in my mind forever. I didn’t see the kill, but I saw the aftermath. I'm shock as I watch him sit on the pole as the small black birds are loud with alarm swirling around him and his kill.

I cross the street trying not get hit by on-going traffic to get a closer look.

I'm surprised, he didn’t fly off.

He's the largest bird I’ve seen up close. If I had taken the bus I would had missed this natural act.

Later that day, I researched online falcon animal totems and it stated:

It encourages us to calculate and strategize. If we have a goal, Falcons beckon us to make plans and strategies to obtain these goals. Falcons are all about focus - strong, one-pointed focus. When they show themselves to us, we are being called to focus on our desires and our goals, and do what is necessary to bring our desires into our reality.

The fact that the Falcon is a solar creature could mean there is something in your life that you are highly passionate about, and the Falcon is asking you to take action on this passion. But be smart about it - don't jump into something without doing research and planning. Make your passion a reality by pursuing it methodically and as strategically as the Falcon would pursue his hunt.

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