Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Butterflies all around me

Two yellow butterflies appear in the late summer playing like children in the rain.
Dancing around a large green leafy plant with orange flowers and landing. I take a seat on the sofa and watch in amazement in the backyard near the vegetable garden.

On a Sunday afternoon, after a three mile walk my dog. I watch two older male tennis players as they take a break, balls in basket, a rack rest on he bench near one of the men. While the other gentlemen spins his in the air. I walk over and start a friendly conversation, shortly after; two butterflies flutter past as the sun shows its face in the sweetness of the day.

Later, the dog and I stop and near the train tracks. Looking down next to my feet a yellow butterfly lands on the train track, it rest then it takes flight.

During the workweek, two yellow butterflies sail by as I eat my lunch at the Centennial Olympic Park.

I needed to find out the reason why yellow butterflies were showing up around me; was it a sign? I looked up the meaning of a butterfly totem and it stated: transformation, working in joy, the soul, creativity, romance, energy and harmony.

I realize more each day that I am ever changing. Maybe the butterflies were my reflection smiling back at me. We are one interchanging, joyously, loving life in a blissful, soul-evolving attempt in this place called planet earth.

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