Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where is my friend?

There was an owl in the neighborhood for 5 years. Sometimes he would hoot so much I would ask him, “What is it you are trying to tell me Mr. Owl?" I haven't heard from him in the last few months and long for him. I miss him very much...

Where are you Mr. Owl?

If you have Owl for a power animal, it’s message is to pay attention to your dreams and feelings. Question your fears and act on your intuition. Focus on our intentions and move swiftly toward your goals and objectives. Be silent and conserve your energy until you are ready to act with undivided attention. If you are experiencing problems and uncertainty, take some time out to confront your fears and confusion. Invoke Owl to help with discernment and self-knowledge. Do not fear the dark or unknown. Explore your inner world with confidence. Work on developing Clairvoyance. Use Ritual and the Moon’s influence to generate power and make positive changes. Take time to get acquainted with your shadow-self.

If you want to know information, go to this wonderful website:

Power Animals and Their Messages

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  1. I LOVE the new look you've given your blog, Coco! The name is delicious as well as the words! And your pictures are fab, also! Am so PROUD of you, my writing friend!

    Much love and respect,
    The Golden Goddess