Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh no not over here!!!! /April 26, 2012

Okay, this is the deal, my dog, Pepper or as she probably feels, (She is the owner of me) well, I may have to get rid of her. Okay, find a loving home for her. She is the loudest(she also whines consistently), greediest, yet sweet dog, I’ve ever been around.

Now she can’t bring those bad habits with her to Reynoldstown! (she’s been to training when she was a pup). She screams, yes screams like she is being hit by a car. She barks at every person that’s passes by our unit. The front of the unit is glass, covered by sheer curtains. This little/big dog barks at every passing person and dog.

She is viscous when she sees another dog on our walks. Now, this can’t go on much longer.
I called her foster mom and she said she would take her, yet I have been too busy with closing on the loft, moving, helping my son prepare for college, and all and in between, work, writing, and praying.

Last Sunday I finished moving, as the movers removed my items from the old place, Pepper was next door in the back yard screaming, and barking. I told Pepper to be quiet. One of the men said, “ Is that Your dog?” Embarrassed, I shook my head, and said yes she is.

I can’t take her in this new neighborhood like this. they will say, “Where did they come from.” Pepper’s like a bay- bay kid!(Bad as all get out!) . My son would say each Christmas for us to get a shock collar which I thought was inhumane. Well, I went out and purchased one on last Sunday and the thing doesn’t even work.

Is this the Universe telling me something?

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