Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cyclist S-hero Friend New Do- May 1, 2012

I just found out my cyclist S-hero friend, Stephanie, who taught me everything about riding a bicycle the right way, has cut her hair from a beautiful full-shoulder length style to a short crop.

I’ve asked Stephanie is it okay with me posting an interview on my blog about her Big Chop as she calls it. She agrees. I also found out in the interview that she checks the blog on a weekly basis. I guess I better keep this entries coming.

Stephanie: Oh, I got a mini buzz cut Mohawk now.

Colette: OMG! Have u ever done this before? I miss your hair already!

Stepanie: No, this is my 1st time! I don’t miss my hair AT ALL. I’m going to save a ton of money too! Also, I wanted something practically maintenance free like me!

Me: cool.

Stephanie: Ah, you don’t like it?

Me: I loved your beautiful hair; yet the Mohawk will look cute on you as well.

Stephanie: My beautiful hair is still there, just shorter and healthier!

Me: I know. I wore my hair in a short crop style almost 10 years, except there were no chemicals in my hair.

Stephanie: I was addicted to CREAMY CRACK since I was 12! I blame my
parents and grandparents:)

Me: I hear u!

Me: When did you decide to cut your hair and why?

Stephanie: March 3, 2012.

Me. How much did it cost to get your hair straighten The time? How long did it take to style?

Stephanie: 50-60 bucks, an hour and a half. I went to the salon WEEKLY.
It only cost me 12 bucks and that includes the TIP! And a shape up is 7 bucks! Better than 50 bucks a week! I LOVE IT! It takes 10 minutes to wash, condition, and dry!

Me. Do you go 2 a barber or hairstylist now?

Stephanie: At first I went to my regular stylist. You didn’t see me then. I go to lady barber named Tori. She has given other women the BIG CHOP and knew what I was talking about. I told her what I wanted
to do and that I was tired of washing,blow drying and flat ironing my hair. She is located at 71 Barbershop at Lindbergh Marta Station.

Me. When did u transition?

Stephanie: I started transitioning 6 months ago by not relaxing it at my normal intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. I was a SLAVE TO THE SALON.

Me: Having a relaxer in your hair, did it prevent you from doing any exercises?

Stephanie: I didn’t stop me physically since I’m naturally athletic. LOL

Me: How often did you wash your hair cycling and dealing with the sweat and relaxers? Did you have to get more of them because of the activity?

Stephanie: I would have my hair maintained weekly at the salon when cycling and relaxer intervals would be shortened by a week.

I LOVE MY CUT because it saves me time and money, easy to maintain. I shower without a cap now; hats and helmets have a closer fit, ride in care with the top down and not worry about the wind messing up my do. Feel the breeze around my neck and ears. Sleep with my hair uncovered. Eat without hair getting in my mouth, I don’t care if it gets rained on, all I need is a brush, my “get ready time” is DRASTICALLY REDUCED.

Me: Any compliments?

Stephanie: I’ve received tons of positive comments…

Me: Anyone asked you out on a date?

Stephanie: NO one has asked me out, but I do get more attention from younger men.

Me: Thank you for your time.

Stephanie: Okey Dokey!


  1. Great interview! I love her hair!

    1. Thank you for reading and enjoying it! I hope Stephnie likes the article as well! I like the way it came out! Yay me!:)