Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday 8/2/10

I'm physically exhausted, yet I'm happy!!! My morning exercise regimen starts with each leg of 10 front, 50 side, 10 back, 20 push-ups, 250 crunches,and another variation of 20 leg lifts since the 22ND of June.

I took an Epsom salt bathe Sunday night. I have to find a place to get a massage in town!

The inches are shedding; it’s amazing. I've been keeping up with exercising; well not really, after the dragon boat race practice on Saturday and the cycling on Sunday, it takes me a week to recoup before I go do it all over again, however, my morning regimen is consistent.

I’m telling you the universe is no joke, if you say you want something and write it down, it will come!! I"m more adventurous and the pounds are finally melting off!

Also, today as my co-worker and I walked towards Peachtree Center for lunch, I saw policemen blocking people off from a certain area on the side of Peachtree Street and Harris St. I didn't know what was going on until I asked a lady on the street.She pointed to the President’s car parked near the white tent and said he was having lunch inside which they had blocked an area off for him from the crowd.

Shortly after, my co-worker and I continued on our walk to lunch. We pushed our way through to the food court. We went into my favorite restaurant, Willy's which has been a daily fix for me for the last few months.

There were 2 secret service men standing in line in front of us and, of course I talked to closest one to us; they were as beautiful as Roman gods. I told him to keep up the good work in protecting the president and that I loved President Obama.
He thanked me, showing his incredible smile.

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