Friday, July 20, 2012

Back in the Writing Again

I'm so happy I finished my writing assignment. I'm taking an online children’s literature class that was recommended by my mentor/literary mother. This course has helped me so much in my growth as a budding children's writer. I've had at least 8 deadline extensions, (the first for me). I went through so many personal transitions from moving, my son's graduating from high school and preparing for college, to the passing of my mother. I didn't think I could make it through let alone finish a writing assignment, but I am still standing. There was a time I didn't think there was a God to comfort me. I felt like I was going through these series of events alone. I would call out to Him, "GOD, HELP ME!" That was all I could do. I felt like I was drowning in mid-air. I didn't think my mother passing would hit me so hard, and take me under; taking my breath away, but it did, and now I can breathe deeply once again. Thank God for whatever it was that helped me through and brought me back to feeling much better.

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