Friday, October 7, 2011

Lizz Wrght at Variety Play House

The opening act "Lyric" is from Asheville NC. The female singer in the band has a strong and beautiful voice. I'm truly enjoying her flow. Lizz Wright mentions she hears a voice while walking amongst a crowd in a plaza in North Carolina and the voice literally hits her and moves through her back. She tells the people she's with to wait for her while she goes back and speaks with the female singer. Lizz Wright says when she hear God she listens. Now "Lyric" is an opening act! It amazes me how God moves when people open their hearts and listen. At one point of the concert Lizz brings Lyric back on stage and they sang a song together. What a special moment. I love Lizz Wright's voice. As she sings I can see a long country dirt road, a small church, a juke joint and I feel God as she sings. I have a few concerts under my belt and this one was the most fun. Tonight, I clapped, screamed, raised my hands and danced in my chair. I'm leaving this performance feeling refreshed, happy, and at peace. Thank you Lizz Wright. You are the truth and truly annoited.

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