Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Books and Bicycle Rides

Since I'm not going to the Dragon Boat Race practice, but going to celebrate with my literary mom on her accomplishment. I need to replace the exercise time. I decide to ride my bike, but I can't be a baby and ask S-hero C to come over to my side of town to ride with me for only 30 minutes. I get up the nerves and ride in my area to Oakland City Train Station. I get back to prepare for the event. Significant other gives me a ride to Downtown Decatur. I get there a little after 10am. It isn't crowded. I walk with a dozen of white roses behind my back and hands them to literary mom. She is surprised and loves them

One of literary mom's children's books has been chosen for 25 Books Every Young Georgia Should Read. After staying at the event, mom invites her friends and family to eat at a near-by restaurant. I want add a small pancake to my order of a shrimp wrap, but I know to placing a side order will be too much.

I believe it was the manager also checking on our table. I asks his name because he has a great personality. Shortly after, he comes back to the table with a plate of pancakes. No one ask for them, I only thought of them. Wow, from just a thought, he brings pancakes! The universe is wonderful!

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