Saturday, September 4, 2010

August 15, Sunday

My eyes open. Light is outside of the window. I ask significant other the time. The doorbell rings. The dogs bark. I jump up from the bed. Significant other opens the door as I rush around getting my gear together as I get dress. I'm late again. If only I had more rest, more time.

20 minutes later, significant other waves us off as I follow S-hero. She picks her bike up with one hand and walks down the porch stairs. I'm still clumsy with mine, but working on it!

S-hero cyclist and I ride in the neighborhood streets. This ride is great! And then there comes hills, massive ones and this isn't fun anymore. I can't enjoy the scenery for trying to endure these HILLS. Yet, I get a glimpse after catching my breath. A cemetery, beautiful tress, hidden cozy houses that shows themselves in the city of East Point. Yet another hill interrupting the gorgeous scenery that I now have to exchanged for sweat, and lungs grabbing for oxygen.

S-hero signals for me to make a turn into a secluded area, A place where cyclist race; Dick Lane Velodrome. An amazing place, a new world opens for me. We park our bikes and take a seat on the bleachers. Still early, some cyclist are parking, some preparing themselves for what it is to come ahead. It began to mist; pure beauty. We are on our journey once again.

Thumps Up for breakfast. The catfish is tasty. I feel I can work it off. I need fuel for this ride. S-hero informs me we will travel to my job. On the main street, vehicles are driving so close to us. Not everyone is going around. I am happy when there is a street we can turn onto with less traffic; a safe haven to my nerves. And the hills aren't as steep. S-hero C says she can show me some hills and that hills makes one stronger. Oh well, with my stamina, this is enough hills for me.

The ride going towards downtown is not as bad. Yet there are inclines along the way and I still don't it.

We make it to my building. After, we ride our bikes to Georgia Aquarium, there she shows me how to use resources, like clean restrooms, water fountains, and a rest area.
We ride back to my home. Once inside, I chime to significant other as S-hero smiles at me and says, "Well done!"

For more information on the cyclist track in Georgia go to:

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