Monday, September 20, 2010

Dragon Boat Festival

Significant other shakes me and says, "It's 5am, time to get up." I feel like I just closed my eyes. Give me at least 15 more minutes I want to say, but I know better. I need to get up now if I want to make the festival on time. Thank God, I'd prepared lunches, got the chairs, clothes and my gear together.

It’s the family and me today. Our son told me earlier in the week that he is excited about the festival. I walk to his room to wake him up. He barely moves. This is too early in the morning for the both of us. Significant other is the only 5am early riser in this family.

The dogs are let out to take care of their business, fed and happy.

We have packed everything in the car and are ready to ride to Lake Lanier.
We stop half way there to fill up on fuel. I purchase a cup of cappuccino. I’m still sleepy after drinking half of it. I know if I drink the entire thing; I will have to stop again and we have to get there on time. Our son is sitting up asleep in the backseat. What a sight.

We have arrived at the festival. It getting crowded in the parking area already and it just 6am. There are many places set up to eat and play games. This is going to be a great day. I can feel it already. I look for the Atlanta Dragon Race booth as Significant other and our son find a seat.

The survivors are about to compete as I walk up to our area.

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