Saturday, September 4, 2010

Partly Cloudy with Chances of Rain

I knew better, but I had to celebrate Tambor’s 1st anniversary of House Music parties last night. Yet, four hours of sleep doesn't agree with me.

Okay, now I’m up and getting ready to meet Outdoorsy S-hero at her place for the Dragon Boat Race practiced. I need to be there by 7:45am, and I have called her to tell her I'm in route, and its 7:46am. I'm in her parking lot at 7:50am, and I call her on her cell phone. She tells me she had left me. Not again! Then she says she's in the parking lot. What a cruel joke! I'm really trying here.

As we ride to Lake Lanier, it begins to rain, she drives, the rain pours and it’s now questionable if we should continue. She asks me to dial certain contact numbers of a couple of team members; no one answers. She decides that we will continue to go to the lake and see if anyone shows, if not we will drive back and have breakfast and go to REI Sporting Goods Store. I need a pair of biking shorts. I'm tired of blister's the size of an egg on my butt. And I’m tired of icing it and just plain ole tired of having soreness back there for almost an entire week, even after the healing power of an Epsom Salt bathe.

Upon arrival, in the building upstairs, we find other team members there. We practice in a workout area, I'm sure this place shined from newness and excitement at the 1996 Olympics. Today, it's still in good shape.

The leader of the team decides we should practice by pulling 10 chairs on each side together as if we are in the boat. With surprise, after she calls different drills for the upcoming race; I’m sweating. I think I’m the only one. But after practice, O'S-hero says she got a good workout as well.

It stops raining during practice; however, some of the ladies have to leave. We need at least 10 members to get on the boat and go out on the lake. I’m saddened that we can’t go because there’s nothing like working against water as a team. Well, I guess it won’t happen this week.

After practice, I get a great pair of biking shorts on sale at REI. Shortly after, we have lunch at R.Thomas. I call a friend to join us. We have great conversation until I become a target of their discussion after I give a recap of the night before at the House Music Party. Am I a flirt or just friendly? I felt like being on the boat at practice a few weeks past all over again.

I went home to get ready for S-hero C. She invited significant other (sweetie) and me to dinner this week; however sweetie had to go out of town to visit family. Instead my son and I made plans to meet S-hero C for dinner. After picking her up from her piece of the pie in the sky (as she calls it) we chose to eat at a festive fine dining Mexican restaurant in her area.

We share a lovely night, with great conversation and incredible food. She helps me back to her place and my son and I make it back home. I make it home at a decent hour to get some rest before the big day ahead.

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