Monday, September 20, 2010

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010

Steel Magnolias(survivor team)and Upholders (supporter team), we both came in 3rd place for the second race.

I have to leave before the finals, so that the family and can make it to Callaway Gardens for the MS/Cox Bike Fundraiser, yet Significant Other and I have a spat by the time we make it home. I'm too tired and upset to drive to Callaway with our son so Significant Other and I come to an agreement that tomorrow morning we will head to Callaway Gardens to the fundraiser.

Shortly after, I call a friend that registered me in the fundraiser. She says it's was an extremely challenging ride on Day 1 and she debated riding tomorrow. I’m afraid now and have talked myself into not going. I’m so afraid, however, I have participaed in the fundraiser for this event and have told friends that I will ride and have announced this information on Face Book and Twitter. If I don’t I will never know what I can accomplished. And S-hero C has trained me well. What would she say if I don't go? I take this to my dreams.

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