Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Silver Comet Trail

Today on August 22, I need to find out if I'm physically capable of riding 30 miles for the MS/Cox Bike Ride Fundraiser on September 12. I've only rode 7 miles so far since purchasing my bike a little over a month ago.

Outdoorsy s-hero met up with S-hero Cyclist last night, she's allowing me to borrow her bike rack so that s-hero C and I can meet up with her and another lady including the friend from the restaurant on yesterday.

6am we have to be there, yeah right, but I got to do this so I"m up before S-hero C gives me a wake up call at 5:15am. It's a challenge putting my bike in the car, I take off the wheel , and drive towards S-hero C way, I miss the exit to get to her and attempt to go the way we hung out the night before. I'm lost and it's 5:40am. I call S-hero O and she says,"why didn't you take Peachtree St. there?"

I call S-hero C and she gives me directions again, I'm lost in the train station area, Oh God, my sense of direction sucks! And I need gas, so in web of my confusion I back track to the gas station. I call S-hero C again and she says, you should be here by now." I call S-hero O because I know she will not wait on me at the trail.

We finally get there about 7:15am and they mention they are not too far on the path and have slowed their pace so that we can catch up ,but I'm having bike issues from taking my front wheel off so many times since the purchase. I need a bike rack. S-hero C is frustrated because my shift gears aren't working properly;they are out of alignment, my brakes are extremely loud as I stop and my seat is not tight. Things are falling apart. I'm off the bike again, S-hero O is calling. I tell her not to wait up. S-hero C says we have to turn around and calls Bicycle South to see if they are opened, but I'm willing to repair the bike, even though I'm not mechanically inclined. Nothing is working and I'm thinking I broke a screw, I'm now defeated! S-hero C shows me that isn't and I'm back into business. We are on our way!

The ride is smooth at times, challenging mostly, when s-hero pushes me to increase my speed. She calls out, "your going 10mph, 9, pick up your speed!"

At 7 miles, I see s-hero O for 2 seconds speeding by us going back to the parking area, she has to leave to pick up a friend from the airport.

At 15 miles, I see the other friend from the restaurant with her friend going back.

At 20 miles, my butt is hurting and I need a restroom break. Thank God we find one!

At miles 25,26 and 27, I'm asking, "How many more miles do we have?" "The longer you take, the longer it takes" calls out S-hero C.

There are times I have to take a break for water, stretch my legs, and at mile 28 my hands are numb. I"m slapping my butt to get blood flow again. I can't stop anymore. I'm too close to mile 30 and each time I stop it appears to get harder to get into a nice rhythm again.

"You've made 30 miles!" I finally hear s-hero C say. I can't believe that I've accomplished anything of this magnitude!

Standing in the parking lot after the ride; I'd never felt my legs shake like this before. I didn't know if it was a sign that I would pass out or not. I've never worked physically at this level in my life! I tell s-hero C, my legs are kickstand. "No, your legs are feeling like legs, she replies.

She hugs me and says, I'm very proud of you. Now, let's get your bike to the shop.

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