Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wheels and Decatur Book Festival

The doorbell rings .The dogs bark and I open the door. I am dressed before S-hero arrives this time. Today we are riding to the Decatur Book Festival. Later in the day around 2pm, we will ride to Peachtree Street to a Hotel to see one of my friends featured Short Film.
It’s a chill in the air and I hate cold weather. Yet, I’m moving pass my comfort zone and I know my body temperature will adjust. This ride is so relaxing and gorgeous! It amazing how many things I miss in a neighborhood because I usually drive a car. I notice I’ve witnessed so much more on a bike.
The rhythm of the neighborhood breathes. Each block; street has its own personality. Reynolds Town is known for its graffiti.
I’m surprised to say it a smooth ride with one major hill and I didn’t mind it so much because of the beauty!
We make it to Downtown Decatur at 9:45am and eat at Thumbs Up in the area. Great service!
We head over to the event, and I’m only interested only in the children’s section of the festival.
There is a parade about to start. Girls are dressed as lady bugs and the boys are dressed as beetles. The mascot lady bug starts the parade, a mini size fire truck follows as S-hero C and I walk in the crowd. I excitedly take pictures of a medium sized dog dressed like a lady bug.
We sit at the children’s tent and listen to a popular ladybug story being read by a lady from a local bookstore.
It’s time to leave, so that we can make it to my friend’s event. I make a last stop and purchase a book at the festival called, “Ruth and the Green Book.” I hear it’s been reviewed in the New York Times. Amazingly the author looks familiar and after talking to him I realize I met him before through my literary mom.

S-hero C and I take the train so that we can make it on time and watch my friend’s film. It is wonderful! This is my first time seeing any of her work and I’m so proud of her. See is a fantastic talent!
After her film, we watch one more and leave to make it back to my home. What an incredible day!

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  1. Coco- You have such a gift with words. I can't wait to see you in ALL your glory. Whatever you do sister, DON'T QUIT!

    I love quotes..let me leave this one with you.
    Do one thing everyday that scares you - Eleanor Roosevelt