Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 14, Saturday

Outdoorsy s-hero does not play, she told me the night before to be at her place at 7:45 am, yet I was in my drive way at home at 7:45 and I should have been in her parking lot at her place. Well, I got left again so I had to drive. So, I thought I had time anyway. I stopped and got breakfast and coffee because I was sleepy from partying late last night. I noticed I miscalculated the time and didn't know if I should turn around and come back home or keep driving to practice. I decided to see what would happen and made it to Lake Lanier. In the parking lot I noticed everyone was the on the boat. I ran as fast as I could! Someone yelled from the boat, "don't forget your life jacket!"

I was in seat #9 since I wasn't there for the seating assignment.(I guess my punishment for not being on time) Oh well, I deserved it! We worked on a power run to get ready for my festival on Sept. 11. It was the most challenging thing for me. Since I was the back of the boat, I had a chance to notice many teammates technique were all wrong, I couldn't understand why the week prior as I sat in seat 3, so many teammates were on my case about my mistakes with on technique. I may be a sour sport, but I don't have the passion anymore for the team.

After practice, I spoke to outdoorsy s-hero. We said our goodbyes because she had a meeting. I cranked my car and nothing happened; I'd left the lights on and it began to pour rain. I scramble to find my cell before s-hero left. I caught her before she pulled out of the parking lot. I'm so happy that she pulled over and helped! Thank God! I had cables, but I had no idea what went where. I had to call significant other to instruct me over the phone and s-hero knew what to do. It began to pour more and luckily I had an umbrella(I barely use the things) I prefer to walk in the rain during the summer months, but I don't care for a downpour.

I drove home after pulling my wet pants off in the car and pulled my shirt down as far as I could. Finally, I had to throw my wet pants over my legs to cover myself from the 18 wheelers, as I drove back to Atlanta.

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