Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Ashwoody's

S-hero C rings the doorbell at 6:59 am, the dogs bark like crazy and significant other opens the door for me as I run around getting ready. My stomach hurts and I can’t stay out of the restroom. Thank God significant other and S-hero C get along so well! I have time! S-hero see is showing our route on Google map as I have no idea what’s in store for me today.
We ride to apart of the Belt Line in the West End area. I did realize this area existed and it’s right under my nose. I tell S-hero C that we have to go back. I’ve lost my new bike computer. She quiet and I’ve learned that is an indication she is pissed. (I hate that word but I’m going to use it anyway) “That is $30 you will have to eat. Each time you lose an item are you going to turn back around?” he asks, I’m determined to get this computer. “I just bought it! I tell her.” It’s on the curb not too far away from where the BeltLine starts. She instructs me on how to secure the bike computer.

We ride to Ashley train near Martin Luther King Jr Street. We are traveling to her hood (as she calls it) to Dunwoody station. We ride on a bike path. I tell her the area is so clean and she agrees with the smoothing smile. I can tell she is pleased with my observation. We travel on our bikes pass a team playing soccer. Two extremely fit men stand behind a sign that reads, FREE BOOTCAMP. “OMG! Are you serious,” I yell out to them and they call out, “it won’t be too bad.” “I try to keep up with S-hero C and this is enough workout for me,” I reply.

Down the road, she shows me an undeveloped area; a part of the bike path. After riding to a particular neighborhood, she asks. “Do you know where you are?” “No,” I reply. She explains what’s in front of me. I’m too tired to enjoy the scenery at this point from the incline we just encountered. “The AT&T King and Queen Buildings,” she says. “Oh, I couldn’t see them for trying to catch my breath” I whisper. On this street, she introduces me to the Ashwoody’s (as she calls them) OMG! I want to give up; this street goes on forever on an incline! The only thing that keeps me going is the stop sign that twinkles at me. I’m light headed as I take a much needed break.
The next street isn’t as bad, but bad enough. These streets have the highest hills ever! I will never forget the Ashwoody’s as long as I live! I pull out my camera and take pictures of these monstrous streets before we move on.
S-hero C gives me a talk and now I’m really nervous. We cross an intersection and there is DEEP downhill to tackle. My stomach falls to only where the universe knows. I’m really calling God now with ever cell I know about that exist in my body. There is NO feeling of a rush for me that S-hero always describes. There is NO FUN at this point! God, why am I here, I ponder as the wind whips around me, and screams in my ear. I had church on this bike this Sunday!

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